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Hi Dave- I just wanted to write and let you know how much I think your hay has contributed to the extraordinary health and long life of my guinea pigs. One of my old boys passed away last year at the age of 9-an unheard age for guinea pigs. His friend passed a bit before him, aged 8. Both died simply of old-age related problems. And they loved nothing more than their Farmer Dave's hay. I have a herd of 8, now, having rescued 5 in May to go along with 3 previous shelter adoptions. As you may have noticed my hay consumption has increased! But the piggies love their hay so much that I have to replenish it twice a day-my vet says this is what keeps their rear teeth in check, and their digestion healthy so I don't mind. She also says that you grow "gorgeous hay"-lol! Her daughter just adopted a piggie so I think you may be getting an order from her soon. Thank you, Dave, for the care you obviously take in the growing of this fine stuff, and thank you for the always quick service and shipping. We all appreciate it so very much. 

( 2nd Cut Hay ) 

Love from Cherie 

Central Illinois 

Hi there, i dont have a question, i just wanted to let you know Mr Piggles McPiggy is still enjoying his hay, its been over 1 year and he eats a ball of hay each day, even after all this time the smell is so sweet and fresh, when i pass his room he screams to let me know he wants more, and i just love the fact that he loves it so much,also i wanted to say thank you for producing such a wonderful product, i hope to always be able to find your hay available! again thank you for your product! me and Mr Piggles thank you!! Funny detail i left out in the last letter was Mr Piggles McPiggy purrs at his ball of hay when we hang it up for him each day..LOL its hilarious that he loves it so much that he tries to romance it. HAHAHAAHA i thought that would crack you up to know, anyway feel free to post i do not mind :) have a wonderful weekend? and again thank you for supplying such a wonderful product. 

(2nd Cut Hay ) 



Farmer Dave is a very popular guy in our Guinea Pig Land today. :) The girls dug right in to that fresh, fresh hay with clover! and the pine cones are a big hit! They haven't discovered the sticks spread around yet, but I hear those pine cones being crunched as I type. I love the eco packaging! Not a plastic bag or twist tie in sight! I am so glad I stumbled onto your website- we have a new source for all our hay and treat needs. It is SO nice to find a source for fresh stuff that isn't in plastic bags-- and the "girls" just love it. They pick out those dry flowers and run into opposite corners to eat them! Next time I need to order, I plan to look at your "people stuff", too. :) THANKS, 

( 2nd Cut With Clover Hay, Apple Chew Sticks, Pine Cones ) 



Just wanted to send a thank-you for my recent order. My bunnies absolutely love the timothy hay. I had always bought the pet store hay in the past which they ate, but they've "attacked" your bag of hay almost like it was a treat! My littlest bunny is also very picky when it comes to food. She's more interested in getting into everything than eating sometimes, but she is in love with your dried apples. I've never seen her beg for food until I started giving her those. It's so cute! She'll actually stand up on her hind legs like, "please please please give me some more!" Thank you for your quality products. I'll definitely be ordering again in the future! 

(Combo 3 Pack ) 



Hi Dave – I’m a regular customer – have a couple of rabbits who LOVE the dried clover buds/stems in your 2nd cut hay. 

(2nd Cut With Clover Hay ) 


New York 

I want to thank you for offering 100% hay products. I just made an order (which i see is already on the way!! :) ) I found you via search engine, and I am so excited. I just want to feed our bunnies the best that they would get out in the wilderness! NOT FDC #5 RED YELLOW, and all those fillers and JUNK!! How frustrating! You are the answer! SO, Thanks! :) Our bunnies look forward to eating your product! 

( Timothy Hay Cubes and Pellets ) 



The last order you shipped me was Early 1st cut ... it was great ...................... Thanks for your help. 

( Early Cut First Timothy Hay ) 


North Carolina 

Thanks Farmer Dave! Our bunnies love your hay. 

(2nd Cut With Clover Hay ) 

zina ;) 

North Carolina 

As I said, as long as your cutting hay, you have a customer for life. 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay ) 



Hi! Dave, Wow! Quick..Love it!! Thank You! You have One Beautiful field..In your Picture..Very Nice.. You very Fantastic at shipping and Beautiful hay .. Thank You! Again! for the Quick response ..Very Nice of you .. I will be shopping Soon .. The Kids(Animals) are getting Low..*Smiles* and I will be picking up goodies ..for them as well ...Have a Wonderful Night!! Thank You!! Again! *Smiles* 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay and Apple Chew Sticks ) 



Looking forward to getting your great products again. Rabbits especially love the sticks and toss them around. 

(Apple Chew Sticks ) 



Dear Farmer Dave- Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the hay and pellets we received from you! Kevin (our guinea pig) LOVES your product. As a New York State resident we love to support our local farmers. Our family is thrilled to find a supplier with the quality and service you have! Thank you so much! 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay and Pellets ) 


New York 

--- and my bunny (who was in a snit over her vet's visit for a full week) is NOW in love with me again! I just wanted to tell you, again, just how thrilled (and a bit nutty) my girl, Gigi, is over her order from you! Honestly, she would not come near me for the past week, and it looks like this hay of yours has done the trick to turn her around.. As soon as the box came in, she was all over me and it! Thanks for all you do for our bunnies! I have recommended you and your products all over the web; to each of the bunny groups I belong to. I know that some other people will be ordering, soon if not already, from you. Your product is great and we are a much happier household now (phew). 

( 2nd Cut With Clover Hay ) 



Hi there. I think this is our 3rd or 4th order from you...and we love your hay (or our holland lop does I should say). Thanks in advance. 

( 1st Cut Timothy Hay ) 



We received your shipment today - looks great! Thanks, we'll do more business with you in the future... We've "adopted" another pair of Guinea Pigs and they love this stuff. There are a couple of happy little ones here tonight! Again, thanks for doing what you do. 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


Guinea pig is happy. Way better than store bought. Thanks! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


My chinny loves these -thanks for offering such a great product!!!! 



super fast services…my guinea pig loves it thanks 

(2nd Cut Timothy HAY) 


Great product and fast shipping as usual! Will buy from again and again! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


My ratties love these, the thinner sticks! Thanks (



The kid’s chins love your sticks!!! 


Great deal! I recommend this seller to evrebody! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Piggies are Happy again. they say thanks to their favorite farmer. Be back soon!!! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


great my guinea pigs love them 



great hay great price 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


I love that you are a local farmer rather than a corporation. I will happily buy my hay from you! 


The shipping was very quick and my rabbit loves the hay! Thank-you!!!! 

(1st Cut Timothy HAY) 


My bunnies love this hay! Superfast shipping! Thanks again! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Great Hay! My chins love it! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 



(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Wonderful hay! I've found my new hay supplier. 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


2nd time ordered and got really quick!! Thanks!! 



Very fast delivery as always. Chins love them. Thanks. 



excellent product as usual...bunnys very happy. thanks 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


The guinea pigs love it! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


very quick delivery, excellent condition,chinchilla love them. 



Very good product. Will buy from this seller again. Thank you. 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Always terrific! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Been a long time customer and product is always great fast ship too.. Thank you (

2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Thank you so very much for your rapid shipping. We received our package today. 

Jennifer & Scott 

chins, rabbit and pig love the chew twigs.....Thank you 



A great treat for the bunnies. Organic is such a plus! A+ Farmer Dave! 



LOVE your hay!!! We won't buy from the pet store again! 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


She will be SO thrilled when her package comes in.. I really should videotape her reaction. I mean, I have never seen a rabbit SO happy about hay, but the smell gets her every time I take it out. 


Thank you so much for growing food for my rabbits. 


Repeat customer...high quality products!! My chins and degus LOVE these! 



lol i didn't expect 35lb box to be this much! My guinea pigs will be fat thanks 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


HI Dave, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful hay you have sent me throughout the year. 


Rabbits love the chews! Thanks for great product, quick delivery!! 



Great Hay! I am repeat customer with small animals! Thanks! 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


My chinchillas love it - thanks!!! 






Thanks - my chinchillas love them!!! 



I can't say enough re:the fast service & great hay I have gotten repeatedly! A++ 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


chinnys are happy as usual! Thanks Dave :) 



Always The best to deal with and the best hay anywhere! Thanks! A+ 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Hay was VERY fresh and well-packaged! Great communication and very professional! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 



1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


Great deal! My piggies love these chew sticks. 



Another great batch of Hay! Thank you again! A+ fast shipping! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


great seller, have bought many boxes - always fresh, fast delivery, thanks! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Farmer Dave is the best! Shipping was super fast!! 



better quality & price than the pet store, 4th purchace, thanks 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Fast shipping, my guinea pigs love Farmer Dave's Hay! Thanks! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


My piggies cant stop poppin'! They love it! Thank you!!!!! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


chinchillas love them,very fast shipping,thank you 



These are a big hit . all A+++++s for you. Many Thanks!!!!! 



My Chinchilla says you get all five stars from him. Tks 

(1st Cut Timothy Hay) 


great - guinea pigs love it 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


My cavies have been busy chewing on their sticks. Thanks! (



My cavies love it. I love the smell,,,smells like sweet grass! Thanks! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


Fast Shipping, Great Hay, best around!!! 

(2nd Cut Timothy Hay) 


My mini rexs love them 



I want to report that my rabbits love the 1st cut timothy hay and the large apple branches. Your hay has a wonderful sun-fresh smell that is quite unlike the store bought hay. 


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I just recently ordered your 1st cut Tim hay for the first time and my buns love it! I haven't seen them get this excited about hay in a long time and they are eating a lot more of it which is great! I volunteer at the NYC rabbit rescue animal shelter and a lot of the people I work with there recommended your hay. 


I recently purchased your 2nd cut timothy hay for my 6 guinea pigs after hearing it was better for my pigs than 1st cutting hay. I got it in the mail yesterday, and my pigs absolutely love it! They are the happiest I have ever seen them and can't get enough. They are even laying all over and burrowing in it. Thank you so much for your great prices, great quality hay, and fast shipping! 

Taylor and the herd(Raymond, Sampson, Jameson, Ferguson, Sally, and Ofelia) 

I just wanted to let you know I've been recommending you on I am actually sending some hay we just received to another bunny who was asking about it. I was just told by another bunny friend from Bunspace that lives in Norfolk, VA that they just placed an order tonight for their bunny. We have loved your hay for I think at least 5 years now and pass the word on as much as we can. Thanks for your excellent hay! Best Wishes, 

Carmen & Steve and our bunny Shiloh Bee 

My chinchilla's love your skinny apple twigs. 


I love your apple sticks. I get them for my chinchilla. she used to turn everything down for a raisin and now she will turn down a raisin for your apple chew sticks. thanks so much. 


Hi everyone, Just thought I would drop you a quick note to say, Thank You!!” All five of them think your hay was sent to them directly from heaven. They’ve never been healthier and happier! And I know I can always get at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet by filling up hay boxes – except for the quiet munch, munch, munch that is! Thanks you again for making me look like the best “Mommy” in the world! 


Just wanted to drop you a note & tell you how happy my guinea pigs seem to be in your Timothy Hay! They love it as bedding material & something to forage. They tunnel in it & later seemed to doze in a contented bliss. Much, much better than wood shaving! Thanks :) 


Our guinea pig devours this hay - she absolutely loves it! Many thanks, 


I just wanted to let you know my girls (chinchilla sisters) will not eat ANY hay unless it's from you! And they also think you have the best apple sticks--they'll chew others if they're out but it's just not same, lol. And I swear they get excited when we ask them if they want some Farmer Dave. So, much love from 

Sami Boo and Ellie Belle. 

I just wanted to thank you again. My rabbits LOVE the hay and it looks like it will be the type that we will re-order in the future. Thanks again and God Bless you and yours. 

John & Patty 

Got the hay and other products -- great stuff! 


Hi Dave, I got my hay today and it smells fresh and sweet! My pigs love it! Where I had been getting it they said it was 3rd cutting and it smelled flat and dull! ty! 


Farmerdave, just a quick note... the timothy hay sees I bought is growing great, and my rabbit loves it!!! I'll be back in the future. thanks! 


Hello, I have just recently found your website and had ordered a small box of the second cut timmy hay. I am very impressed with it and all the guinea pigs I take care of love it. I have one older health compromised male that it has even done wonders for in the short time he has been eating it! I am thrilled with his progress. I absolutely must keep it on hand for him at all times! 


Just wanted to let you know that my rabbit (holland lop -12wks old) loves the hay and you now have a new customer!!! 


I have a small animal rescue in NJ and have been suggesting to my adopters to purchase their hay from you since I have found it's a better quality than what is offered in the pet stores. 


My wife and I, and Bella our guinea pig, all want to continue purchasing from you all as the hay you provide is better than any other we've found. Thank you, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. 


Just want to say thanks- you have very good hay--I live in Lancaster, PA & have access to lots of hay-yours have been the best I have found so far for small animals---will buy again 


We love your hay. Thanks for keeping our bunny so happy and healthy! Theo is only 4 lbs.... but he eats a handful of hay as big as he is every day. I am recommending you to my sister in law. She has a Flemish Giant! 


Hi Farmer Dave, Thank you for your wonderful hay, 


I just thought you'd like to see a couple of your satisfied customers. Chilli (in front) had to have his two bottom teeth removed due to a genetic defect, so it is extremely important for him to chew on wood so his upper teeth stay worn down. Look how he goes to town on your sticks! He never did that with the others I have tried. I will order again with you soon! 


Hey Dave, This is so much more than I expected. I've loved your hay and have never had a problem , so I just wanted to let you know. This wonderful response is why I refer all my chinchilla purchasers. Thanks again. 


Great! After my previous hay supplier went out of business, I was really glad to find your company. Although I've been down South for many years, I was born in Olean, NY and love the fact that my tortoises enjoy hay that is grown in my old stomping grounds! Thanks again and have a great day. 


I just wanted to let you know that I received the order yesterday and am thrilled with everything. Thank you very much for great customer service and your great products. I will be ordering again. 


Received my order yesterday. Wanted to say a great big thank you. xxxOtherSellerxxx doesn't have the option of 1st cutting like you do and my Domino bunny won't eat the soft stuff. Since I switched to your company and your 1st cutting hay, he hasn't had an episode of GI Stasis since we switched. You're hay is literally a life saver and I recommend it to all my friends with rabbits. Thanks Farmer Dave and crew! 


Thanks again for your great service and hay, our pigs love it! 


WOW! You’ve sure answered a lot of my questions!!! (and beyond) I can see why you are very reputable and have quite the client el. (plus one more). Thank you so very much for all your time. I plan to order some. (probably first cut) My bunnies are the greatest and I want nothing but the best for them. Thanks and I'll be placing an order very soon. A greatful bunny owner 


My chinchilla absolutely loves your apple sticks! thanks for the great product! Just ordered my 3rd batch for the little guy! 


Just wanted to let you know that I have searched high and low and have not found any hay that is as good as yours!!