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300 Blueberry Ultra-Skinny Sticks


300 Blueberry Ultra-Skinny Sticks, a 100% natural FarmerDavePetSupply product for Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and other small animals. 


Our family's Blueberry Ultra-Skinny Sticks are harvested directly from hand-selected blueberry bushes. Small animals find blueberry bark and wood to be an especially delicious natural treat.  

Blueberry wood has a distinctly pleasant smell and flavor that many animals prefer over other common varieties of chew sticks. Due to the way blueberry bushes grow, each stick is unique, and you will find a delightful variety of different textures and colors in any given package of sticks.  

These naturally harvested blueberry sticks are free of dyes, additives, and preservatives. Farmer Dave's enhanced curing system guarantees maximum hardness, no spoilage, and no bugs.  

Our 100% natural Blueberry Ultra-Skinny Sticks are up to 1/8 inch in diameter, hand cut to five inches long, and hand-selected ensure quality control and small pet satisfaction.  



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