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15 lb Second Cut Timothy Hay: Bunny, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Hay

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FarmerDavePetSupply 15 lb. Premium 2nd Cut Timothy Bunny, Guinea Pig and Chinchilla “HAY-IN-A-BOX” Also great for Rabbits and other small animals when a softer hay is desired or required.


FarmerDavePetSupply 15 lb. Premium 2nd Cut Timothy Bunny, Guinea Pig and Chinchilla HAY-IN-A-BOX. Also for Rabbits, Gerbils, Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Tortoises and Other Small Animals. Timothy Is The Hay Most Widely Recommended By Veterinarians For Small Animals. Second Cut Is A Leafier, More Tender Hay. All Natural Hay. No Pesticides. Sun And Wind Dried TO PRESERVE The Smell, Taste And Color. Harvested With Special Care TO PREVENT Molds, Mildews And Dust. 2nd CUTTING Timothy Hay Is Predominantly Green In Color But May Be Mixed With A Touch Of Yellow/Brown Depending On The Weather And Growing Conditions. This Is Natural And NOT Harmful To Your Pets In Any Way. The Original HAY-IN-A-BOX For Easy Storage. Direct From Our Own Farms For The Freshest Quality. No Pesticides.



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  • 3/1/2021


    This timothy hay BY FAR IS THEEEEEE BEST hay EVER ! I have spent so much money in the past at the big chain pet stores. I have bought every brand they have, trying to find the best hay..... They are either all dried up and stale, and/or half of the bag is filled with dust and miniscule bits of just junk hay debris. Then I found Farmer Dave !! My 4 piggies absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this hay !!! They don't just pick through and eat certain pieces, they eat ALL OF IT !! Thanks Farmer Dave's Pet Supply, you have my business FOR LIFE !!!

  • 10/4/2019

    less left-overs of hay with 2nd Cut

    Thanks for delivering my recent order of 2nd Cut - the bun loves it! There seems to be less left-overs of hay with 2nd Cut. I think my bun might just be getting older or something and likes the abundance of leaves more in 2nd Cut. Hopefully no shortages for the foreseeable future =) Thanks again!

  • 11/30/2018

    Great hay!

    My pigs love this hay! I've never gone back to pet store hay.

  • 11/9/2018

    Great Hay for picky piggies!

    My piggies were very happy to get your hay. They turned up their noses at the hay from the pet store! I know they need to eat hay so I shopped around and so far, yours hits the hay spot! The robot thing to put in a review is ridiculously made by the way! That or I need new glasses. I really think they need better pictures and new glasses.

  • 11/1/2018

    Happy Guinea Pigs

    My 2 guinea pigs having been eating Farmer Dave's second cut timothy hay for 5 years and couldn't be happier or healthier. My parakeet loves to forage in it too (alongside the guinea pigs!). It is always very fresh and fragrant upon opening the box. Very pleased with this product.