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15 lb " Early 1st Cut " Premium Rabbit and Bunny "HAY-IN-A-BOX"

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Early 1st Cut Premium Rabbit and Bunny "HAY-IN-A-BOX"


FarmerDavePetSupply.   Direct From Our Own Farms For The Freshest Quality. 15 lb. Early 1st Cut  Premium Rabbit and Bunny "HAY-IN-A-BOX" For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Gerbils, Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Tortoises and Other Small Animals. Early 1st Cut Hay is a beneficial compromise of Protein, Fiber and Fat, and is positioned between Regular 1st Cut Hay and 2nd Cut Hay Analysis and Texture. Grasses include Timothy, Orchard Grass, Rye, Wild Barley and occasionally a touch of Clover and other native grass; a perfect blend for your special rabbit or bunny.  Nice Light Blue-Green Color with Medium Texture.  Higher Fiber To Prevent Stasis.

All Natural Hay. No Pesticides. Sun And Wind Dried TO PRESERVE The Smell, Taste And Color. Harvested With Special Care TO PREVENT Molds, Mildews And Dust. The Original "HAY-IN-A-BOX" For Easy Storage.



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  • 9/13/2019

    5 Stars

    5 Stars

  • 9/11/2019

    Spring Medley - all my bunnies love it

    We just received your spring medley and all my bunnies loves it. They are the most fussiest and only eats third cut Timothy and orchard grass. I’ve been searching for a Timothy hay with more fiber and thank goodness they all love your spring medley it is absolutely lovely! We are ordering more today! Thank you for your wonderful hay!
    Roger my red eye white boy is super fussy and seeing him eat your spring medley makes me completely happy

  • 8/24/2018

    Farmer Dave keeps my Oliver healthy!

    I have been ordering hay from Farmer Dave for several years. My dwarf rabbit, Oliver, absolutely loves Farmer Daves Spring Medley hay!! He is a very picky eater as he will NOT eat store bought hay and earlier this year we ran out of Spring Medley and so Farmer Dave so he had to settle for Farmer Daves Timothy Hay which he really likes . =)