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FarmerDavePetSupply 15 lb First Cut Timothy WITH CLOVER Hay, Rabbit and Bunny Hay


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FarmerDavePetSupply Premium 1st Cut Timothy and Clover Rabbit and Bunny HAY-IN-A-BOX

FarmerDavePetSupply 15 lb. Premium 1st Cut Timothy And Clover, Rabbit And Bunny, HAY-IN-A-BOX. First Cut With Clover is similar to First Cut, But Also With A Generous Number Of Clover Stems For Healthy Teeth, and a Considerable Number Of Clover Buds; Plus Clover Leaf as A Tender Treat. First Cut Is A Coarser And Higher Fiber Hay -- Great For Your Pet's Gnawing Instinct & To Promote Teeth Maintenance.  1st Cut Hay Has A Lighter Color And May Have Some Yellow/Brown Leaf As The Grasses Grow Tall and Maturity Continues Prior To Harvest. This Is Natural And Not Harmful To Your Pets In Any Way. FarmerDave's 1st Cut Includes The Standard Timothy Hay Plus A Nice Mix Of Some Legacy Grasses (Example: Orchard, Blue Grass, etc). No Pesticides. Sun And Wind Dried TO PRESERVE The Smell, Taste And Color. Harvested With Special Care TO PREVENT Molds, Mildews And Dust. The Original "HAY-IN-A-BOX" For Easy Storage.



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