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1200 cubic inch Grape Vine BBQ Grilling Smoker Wood, Split

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1200 Cubic Inches  (12" x 10" x 10") of BBQ Grilling & Smoker Wood Splits-- Grape Vine Wood. FarmerDave's all time Favorite BBQ and Smoker Wood. Hot coals and a wonderful grapevine smoke aroma that stirs FarmerDave's fond memories of early family life on the farm. After pruning the vines in the freezing cold winter when the vines were dormant, Spring would arrive with warmer weather and FarmerDave and his Dad would remove the grapevine cuttings and prunings from the vineyard for burning. FarmerDave's Mom would throw raw potatoes into the hot coals for roasting and then pull them out at just the right time to eat with lots of butter and a little salt.


1200 Cubic Inches  (12" x 10" x 10") of BBQ Grillng & Smoker Wood Splits--Grape Vine Wood. Great for smoker and grilling jobs. Smoking works by using Low Heat to make smoke as the wood smolders. It provides an enhanced flavor as it evenly penetrates and flavors the food. Grapevine cuttings add a nice flavor to fish, poultry, small game birds, pork, beef and sausage. Matured grape vines provide a flavor that is much like other species of trees bearing fruit; somewhat sweet and fruity. Soaking the grapevine wood in wine really adds a great flavor to steaks and gives you a bottle of wine to keep near the smoker in case of fire or thirst (or any other emergency but mainly for thirst.). This really goes over big at the grill when guest's smell the sweet smoke of grape vine and then taste what a wonderful flavor it adds to any meat you cook. Direct From Our Own Farm For The Highest Quality. ALL NATURAL: NO DYES - NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES - NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS.



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